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Positive Return on Investment.

Accountability Now can help you make better use of your resource, your energy and your finances.



Our experience with Accountability Now was a thoroughly positive one. The work that Clare Williamson did was of an extremely high standard and was carried out with utmost efficiency. She was able to provide comprehensive strategy advice to members of the Sustainable Business Network along with practical suggestions for increasing resilience and improving resource efficiency in business. Her advice on how to add value while doing less harm was always supported with clear and concise reasoning, so that businesses could easily digest her reports. The ethos with which Accountability Now works is one from which we can all benefit – firstly by understanding the impact that our business is having and then by developing practical strategies, which are appropriate for our business, for mitigation. If we can do that all with transparency and accountability – with measureable outcomes – where Accountability Now puts their focus – we can all make extremely valuable progress.

Betsy Joseph, Northern Regional Coordinator, Sustainable Business Network


Accountability Now is currently scoping and developing a framework for the Starship Foundation to understand and eventually embed best practice measurement tools in the area of Social Return on Investment (SROI). When complete, this work will allow Starship to confidently assess and report on the true value created by our organisation through our supporters. Ultimately this will help us make better investment decisions and thereby enable even better access to child healthcare for New Zealand families and create better outcomes for our children.

It is refreshing to work with Clare and Accountability Now – an organisation dedicated to help the social-profit sector increase its understanding of social return and investment, and communicate the value and impact organisations like Starship Foundation can have on society.

Clare’s approach is straightforward, pragmatic and she has expertly guided us through what can be a complex process.

Brad Clark, CEO


Y for Youth has partnered with Accountability Now to forecast the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of our organisation for the brands and businesses who join our network and contribute a percentage of their profits to improving the lives of our youth and reducing NZ’s alarming youth social statistics.

This will ensure they feel confident that they are supporting an organisation that is results driven. Y for YOUTH’s goal is that this will lead to ongoing partnerships that will achieve our mission to be the leader in providing sustained funding for youth organisations.

Moving forward, partnership with Accountability Now will facilitate ongoing measurement of our social impact and gain demonstrable proof of the social impact of our contributing businesses. It will also support the businesses themselves to build their profile in the community and gain valuable content and stories to share with their stakeholders, particularly their employees, customers and potential customers.

Clare is a dynamo of ideas and energy. Her enthusiasm and passion to create partnerships between businesses and social profit organisations to improve the world is inspiring. Clare is professional, determined and organised. Under Clare’s guidance I look forward to seeing Accountability Now thrive and go on to make a big impact in our community.

Alex Grieg, Founder