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Inspiring Impact

How do we support the non-profit sector to plan, measure, assess, and improve their work on the basis of their impact?  How do we motivate and inspire impact? In a rapidly changing world, how do we change the way we think about “charity” and focus on the goals and aspirations of the non-profit sector as a whole?

Essentially, how do we Inspire Impact.

Accountability Now has been working very closely with the Social Good Foundation over the last few months to interrogate how we do “inspire impact”, whilst delivering and measuring social outcomes and not stifling a non-profit’s success by setting expectations upon which they can never deliver because of a lack of resources and scale. This has led us to explore the notion of common values.

How we direct capital to the best placed organisations to deliver long term change and how that capital is directed and tracked.

In this way we are proud to bring you a must-attend event – Inspiring Impact NZ – Vision For The Next DecadeIn a half-day workshop facilitated by Tris Lumley of the UK’s New Philanthropy Capital, we will explore the question of how key funding and charitable organisations focus on outcomes over the next decade.

The aim of Inspiring Impact is to work towards a world where high quality impact measurement is the norm in the non-profit sector.  However, this requires a tailored approach; best practice that works for everyone and shared aims.

I hope that you will join us at this inspiring event on Friday, 18 October 2013 from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM in Auckland (a workshop is also being held in Wellington).  As always, I believe that there are some excellent opportunities to work together, reduce the running costs of the non-profit sector, share skills, widen reach & overall improve outcomes.  Please click the link above for event details or visit www.betternewzealand.co.nz