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Positive Return on Investment.

Accountability Now can help you make better use of your resource, your energy and your finances.

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Accountability Now supports Big Biz in 3 areas with strategy consulting services:

- Accountability and measurement
- Effective giving strategy
- Partnerships that address and manage specific and strategic sustainability opportunities to create shared value.

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1. Strategy

Accountability Now puts relevant societal issues (stakeholders) at the heart of practical strategy and explores a new way to achieve economic success that integrates social purpose and measures success.

2. Support
Accountability Now supports businesses to find the best area of focus for their social responsibility activity and unlock the potential of social capital through partnerships and other collaboration that creates a capacity to act for mutual benefit or for a common purpose and have productive benefits. This enhances performance, ensures success in the long-term and creates shared value.
3. ‘Cohesion’
Social Responsibility is a cross-departmental, cross-functional, cross-issue and cross-stakeholder endeavour. Accountability Now brings existing social responsibility initiatives together, identifies the efforts that make a long-term positive impact and align to wider business goals to enhance performance, ensure long-term business success, create shared value and allow the business to concentrate on core business activity.
4. Partnership and Collaboration
A Responsible Partnership is one where businesses offer support that is targeted and useful. It is sustainable and creates shared value. It matches needs to the unique resources, assets and capabilities of the business and ensures giving is strategic and sustainable for both parties.

Collaboration that identifies a common ground on key social and environmental issues and initiatives and efforts that follow are for the collective good. Measuring the impact of these activities is also important and ensures better decision-making moving forward.

A key social need across the world is for organisations working for social profit to increase and strengthen capacity. It is for this reason that Accountability Now also supports your potential partner throughout the development of a partnership. While the value of partnership may be easy to identify for the company, the needs of the social profit partner are less transparent and more complex.

For example, funding that comes in the form of a subsidy that “plugs a gap” can do more damage than good. Funding that is sustainable, on the other hand, which allows an organisation to focus on building capacity, is of more value. While there is an urgent need for money, other collaboration can also enable the social profit partner to play a bigger role in advocating sustainable solutions.

Partnerships that are targeted and collaborative can enable the important sharing of information, the development of research initiatives, innovative solutions and best practices.

A partnership that strategically matches mutual needs to unique assets, capabilities and resources will leverage your business’ involvement in the community and ensure you are investing your energies in the right set of problems – the ones that will take you closer to your vision of a responsible and sustainable organisation to deliver a more prosperous society.


Having a better understanding of potential impact, embracing useful and targeted partnerships and tailoring long term plans and strategies to effect positive change, can help you see:

1. Margin improvement
  • Increased Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, Retention & Morale
  • Improved Efficiency & Reduced Risk
  • Preserved Pricing Power
2. Revenue Growth
  • Increased Productivity & Entry into New Markets
  • Cost Savings & Improved Cash Flow
  • Improved Market Share & Increased Competitive Advantage
3. Valuation Multiple
  • Innovation, Access to New Technology & Research
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Relations & Value
4. Improved Organisation & Brand Image

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