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Accountability Now is developing a For Social Profit Network, which aims to be a growing group of members that talk in terms of IMPACT, who are willing to CHALLENGE the status quo in order to survive in a new era of philanthropy and corporate giving and who are PASSIONATE about positive change in the following areas… (The areas have been identified as being intricately linked to the sustainable development of New Zealand):



  • Ensuring young people are leaving school with ongoing options that ensure a happy and healthy life, education, training, employment opportunities and a connection to community, culture, friends and family



  • Reaching zero carbon, improving resource efficiency, reducing air pollution and transitioning from dependence on oil
  • Supporting the recovery and conservation of indigenous flora and fauna
  • Supporting recovery and conservation of New Zealand’s ocean ecosystems
  • Supporting responsible tourism and rural development, and sustainable urban intensification



  • Supporting holistic development and a strategic direction towards advancement, Maori autonomy, self-determination and collaborations to capitalise on opportunities presented by the 21st century. Central to holistic development are Maori values, a strong sense of cultural identity and purpose, and the retention and use of Maori knowledge.

Members registered to the network will be willing to ‘up their game’, so to speak, to move away from grant-dependency, become more sustainable and more able to quantify their social value in order to better compete for partnerships and other funding. Accountability Now is seeking to demonstrate the social value of these organisations through a logic model for assessment, measurement and reporting, to support sustainable future funding through partnerships and other collaboration. This rigorous monitoring framework to which registered members are accountable will support the future of funding to be positively redirected to the transparent, accountable organisations that are making a real difference in relevant areas. This will also enable a strategic and contestable process for businesses and the government to evaluate where they should make their community investments.

The rewards of joining the network will be numerous and fulfilling, sharing and developing learnings; writing a story of change for New Zealand together, in which the potential of philanthropy is unlocked and new paradigms for collaboration are explored. Registering to Accountability Now’s Network means access to one-to-one support in the areas of governance, accountability, measurement and transparency of social returns with the view to improving accountability and sustainability.

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