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Accountability Now can help you make better use of your resource, your energy and your finances.

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Accountability is passionate about delivering community funding in a way that is open, transparent and accountable and placing a strong focus on outcomes. This requires a lot of engagement with and between stakeholders to agree priorities and monitor the outcomes of the funding.

Accountability Now supports this by establishing objective and clear assessment processes to measure the outcomes of programmes and initiatives and compare against goals and targets. Accountability Now also supports better engagement to ensure:

  • Laws, direct services, advocacy, financial support, in kind support, projects and campaigns that are targeted to our diverse community’s needs
  • Improved social accountability


  • Stakeholder identification and engagement to identify the needs of those in our community who are not thriving already
  • Development of programmes and facilities with these stakeholders in mind
  • Measurement of social impact
  • Development of public/private partnerships that support sustainable development, for example, building social housing that has positive social and environmental outcomes

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