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Positive Return on Investment.

Accountability Now can help you make better use of your resource, your energy and your finances.

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Accountability Now supports Social Profit organisations in 3 areas:

  • Accountability and measurement
  • Donor Lifecycle and Fundraising strategy
  • Partnerships and Collaboration

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Accountability and Measurement
Accountability Now’s aim is to support Social Profit organisations to build capacity. This is achieved by threading high levels of accountability into all major activities.
Accountability Now supports this through stakeholder engagement, Social Return on Investment (SROI) Analysis and the establishment of a measurement and evaluation frameworks to capture the outcomes data that reflects your organisation’s positive interactions with society and the environment.

This results in clarity about the organisation’s theory of change and develops:

  • A new way of thinking and reporting in terms of impact
  • The ability to forward plan, grow and innovate
Strategic Planning
Effective strategy around how your organisation raises funds and how they are spent supports optimally and sustainably supporting the causes that are so critical to the conservation of our environment and the sustainable development of our communities.

Utilising the outcomes data captured by your measurement systems to inform decision making creates a culture of accountability and communicates your organisation’s important story of change.

Partnerships and Collaboration
Accountability Now works to connect your organisation with a business or public sector partner in pursuit of a common ground, where positive interaction can thrive and long lasting partnerships to mutual benefit can develop. This supports initiatives and efforts for the collective good.

Accountability Now will work with you to define your value proposition and your ideal partner, as well as supporting all steps along that journey, from writing initial proposals to measuring outcomes.

When we tell our organisation’s story, our goal is to get someone to take action. Stories are easier to remember than facts, so word spreads more quickly about how your organisation is making the world a better place. Stories are also emotional and emotions drive engagement.


Self-sufficiency, logic models for assessment and measurement, transformational leadership and increased competitive advantage ensure organisations with a social purpose can make their vision happen.

The benefits of Accountability Now’s service are:

  • Easier strategic planning
  • More entrepreneurial ways to manage social programs
  • Recognition and measurement of social value in the delivery of services and products
  • Increased transparency and measurable outcomes
  • Added value for competitive tendering
  • Better access to funding and other support
  • Decreased grant/donation dependency
  • Improved independent donor lifecycle
  • And financial sustainability, which increases:
    • Ability to employ talent
    • Ability to upscale successful programmes
    • Ability to develop new programmes
    • Ability to exit survival mode

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