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Accountability Now can help you make better use of your resource, your energy and your finances.

VisionTomorrow’s Solutions

To find the solutions to today’s problems, we need to create a shift in consciousness.

Organisations need to be able to account for their impact; which means that we need to adopt a new approach to Social Responsibility that transcends philanthropy and compliance. We need to foster opportunities to forge new types of relationships with communities, which fundamentally shift the definitions of value, profits and growth.

Whatever your cause or profession the solution requires:

1. Vision

What is in your heart?

If you could wave a magic wand and solve any social or environmental issue here in New Zealand or further afield, with your organisation, what would it be?

As a business, this means identifying your core purpose outside of financial profit.
As a social profit organisation or social enterprise, it is remembering the issue that you set up to solve.

Nothing provides clarity like this question.

When it comes to the strategy needed to make your vision a reality, it ensures adherence to your original set of motivations.

2. An effective strategy that focuses on transparency & accountability

Transparency and Accountability are two of the central pillars of making sure that strategy helps achieve your vision in the best way.

Transparency is also a necessary precondition for the exercise of accountability, since without access to clear, accurate and up-to-date information, it is impossible to track our progress.

The information we need relates to outcomes (the amount of energy we save, the patterns of behaviour we change, or the poverty we reduce) and considering these outcomes is important when we consider the challenges faced by the organisations we may choose to support as part of it.

Transparency and accountability gives us certainty that our support gets to the heart of the problem and is a sustainable solution, rather than just a “band aid” or a donation of money that is more of a “hand-out” than a hand-up”.

For social profit organisations and social enterprises the need for transparency of outcomes and accountability is just as great. It supports the organisation to remain relevant, stable and healthy. It allows the organisation to be more entrepreneurial in how social programs are managed, supports recognition and measurement of social value in the delivery of services and products and helps to lay a logical framework for assessment and measurement. It may be the reason why one organisation receives funding or other support over another.

With the worry of constantly fighting for funds taken away and overheads reduced, organisations working for social profit can and will have a greater impact by up-scaling successful programs, increasing the reach of existing programmes and engaging in productive collaboration.

3. Outcomes measurement to track progress

All of the activities that we do create or destroy value; each action can change the world.
The old saying, “what we don’t measure, we cannot manage” is true and important to managing how we progress to our vision; how we positively change the world around us and do less harm.

In the same way that we track our financial accounts so that we can be sure we will hit our yearly targets and objectives, so that we succeed and are sustainable, we can track our social progress and if we are not on track to meet targets, we can review our strategy. We cannot know the extent to which we are creating and destroying value if we do not measure our progress. Importantly, as value is social, environmental and economic, without this measurement we also cannot identify the degree to which our social performance is creating or destroying economic value, which ensures our strategy is sustainable. This applies to social profit, social enterprise, public sector and private organisations.

Social strategy should unlock value, by linking social and “business” results (cost savings, efficiency and productivity).

To identify the outcomes we need to measure we must identify the key social issues our strategy focuses on guided by our vision of positive change, the relevant activities involved, and model the social benefits relative to projected costs. Outcomes measurement, in turn, assesses progress and results, generating actionable data and insights to refine strategies.

Measurement justifies the money invested into changing the world for the better and powerfully informs improvement and innovation.

The ability to assess value is at the heart of a functioning capital market and could truly get the heart of the problem faced by the plethora of organisations in our society working for its good.

4. Storytelling

Ready to tell your story?
Stories are easier to remember than facts, so word spreads more quickly about how your organisation is making the world a better place. Stories are also emotional and emotions drive engagement.

Accountability Now can help you with all of these things so that you can make better use of your resource, your energy, and your finances, and turn the problems of today, into the solutions of tomorrow.

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