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Positive Return on Investment.

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What does a successful CSR story look like?

Following increasing external pressures to behave responsibly toward society and the environment, New Zealand’s corporate community has captured the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is adopting CSR strategy, primarily because it can positively affect their profits, and secondly because it is the “right” thing to do.  Accountability Now believes CSR has to evolve.  Businesses must look at how CSR becomes part of mainstream strategy, so that the business positions itself at the centre of a solution to the social problem most closely related to its impacts.

While CSR is a philanthropic gesture, it is more complex than the mere procedure of giving. CSR strategy must look at where the unique assets, resources and capabilities of a business are best placed to respond to society’s needs and meet wider business goals. A commitment to CSR should be demonstrated by a portfolio of actions that seek out the root causes of relevant social problems and solve them, ensuring that any support given is targeted and useful. Businesses can seed social innovation and foster programmes that build stronger, healthier communities. A successful CSR story is one where the organisation is accountable to stakeholders internally and externally by effectively measuring and reporting on progress.

This requires viewing CSR like any other business decision, proving the case for change, i.e. ensuring the added cost of the decision, either in time, material or financial terms, will result in financial profit and a positive social impact.  This requires intricately understanding the issues and a practical, strategic approach that sets processes and thinking in place and moves away from the short term towards long term, transformational change. Businesses must also continually evaluate the impacts of their efforts.

The data collected not only provides a useful reference point to understand where your investment is going, but a way of reflecting on the effectiveness of that investment by reviewing output and impact measures.  It allows you to measure the totality of your contribution to the community, and then assess that in the light of the results achieved for your business.  These are the tangible benefits that your contributions actually generate for both the business and the community and this is the basis of your story.