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What is Partnership?

A Client asked me a very important question this morning… What exactly is partnership?

I realised this was a very good question and wondered if others knew the distinction between sponsoring something – an event, a cause or a person – and partnering with it.

For me there is a very clear distinction and I thought I would share the answer I gave my client as an example.  I am working with her to find partners for an amazing event in June this year, The Green Living Show…

“A sponsor of an event simply pays money or in-kind value to be associated with the event. The sponsor has a specific aim – to be able to access the audience for marketing purposes, in some form. The sponsor doesn’t really have a commitment to the event; the event organizer just returns the value invested by delivering the sponsor access to a pre-defined profiled audience.

Partnership, on the other hand, usually has a longer term vision and the partner is more aligned with the values and objectives of the event.  The partner has some invested interest in what the event is hoping to achieve and involvement in this will support achievement of their longer term goals.

Rather than there just being that direct swap – money or in-kind value to be associated with the event – partnership is offered for a number of reasons:

1. To offer access to a defined audience in a multitude of ways that have the partner’s long-term business goals at heart

2. To promote those partners’ specific achievements in sustainability in order to position them well in the sustainability space

3. To have the flexibility and advantage of working together with partners regarding how we market them, how they participate in the event and to develop strong internal relationships for the purpose of an ongoing relationship

4. To be able to look at partners as future providers of products or services because trust and a solid relationship has been built

5. To improve the partner’s brand because you actually admire the partner’s service/product and want them to be at the event because you can see how they contribute to a clean, green New Zealand

6.  To promote partners to your clients because it builds your brand value to have that relationship in place.

Basically partnership really is more mutual – the partner has resources, capabilities, assets, goals that further your cause and vice-versa when it comes to how you add value to them.  This partnership can be applied to how you support a charity or an event.  Importantly, forward-thinking partnerships also measure outcomes.”

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